CBD for Tooth Pain: Does it Actually Work?

CBD for Tooth Pain: Does it Actually Work?

If you've ever had an aching tooth, then you know only too well how the throbbing discomfort can send you racing to the dentist for instant pain relief. However, it’s not always possible for the local dentist to see you right away. What do you do in such a situation? You go to your local pharmacy and get hold of over-the-counter NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for immediate relief. But for a lot of people, taking such medication is not without risks. So, an increasing number of people suffering from dental troubles are nowadays trying out a more holistic approach - using CBD for tooth pain. 

What Causes Toothache?

Before we go into whether CBD or cannabidiol acts as a remedy in tackling dental discomfort, let us first understand what it is that causes toothache. There are several situations that can lead to dental pain, such as: 

Dentine Sensitivity

A lot of people often discover that their teeth have become hypersensitive to cold temperatures. This condition is called dentine sensitivity. If you eat ice cream with dentine sensitivity, then you know that the tooth pain can quickly become excruciating. Dentine sensitivity occurs as a result of acid erosion, which happens when you brush your teeth too often. 

Dental Pulpitis

Dental pulpitis is a very common form of toothache that occurs as a result of an infected tooth pulp. The pulp of the tooth has a variety of nerves and blood vessels. Now, tooth decay can result in temperature changes and exposure to chemicals. This, in turn, causes the pulp to become inflamed and infected. 


Pericoronitis is a condition that impacts teens and young adults. It causes inflammation of the tissue that covers a partially erupted tooth. The gum tissue becomes inflamed and painful if the tooth is unable to break through the gum.

Alveolar Osteitis

Alveolar osteitis is a painful condition that’s often referred to as a ‘dry socket’. It can develop after the extraction of a tooth in an adult. A dry socket can cause severe pain. 

Alveolar Osteitis

Types of Toothache

Now that we know what causes dental discomfort, let us check out the various types of toothache that a lot of people have to go through, before we eventually discuss the role of CBD for tooth pain:

Throbbing Pain

It occurs in the back of the jaw when there’s a problem with a molar or a wisdom tooth.


A sharp and sudden pain is felt when the teeth are exposed to temperature changes. 

Mild Pain

A consistent, low-intensity pain pulses as a result of tooth decay or damage to the nerve. 

Extreme Pain

Excruciating pain can occur in a tooth as a result of an abscess or infection.

Extreme Pain

CBD for Tooth Pain: Fact or Myth?

CBD is wildly popular among an increasing number of people around the world. The cannabinoid is now widely seen as a naturopathic option for a variety of health issues. But questions that probably strike you are: Does CBD work for tooth pain? Is CBD for tooth pain relief indeed a solution? The good news is - yes, CBD can actually ease the discomfort of an aching tooth, as researches such as this one have indicated.  

How Does CBD Reduce Dental Pain?

CBD for tooth pain works in three ways. The cannabinoid can serve the purpose of an anti-inflammatory, it can provide pain relief, and it can also help ease anxiety. Let’s discuss them one by one:

CBD as Anti-Inflammatory

By now, it is well known that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which is why many arthritis patients regularly use the cannabinoid. It helps reduce swelling, which eases pain. 

Some experimental studies have shown that CBD prevents gum disease by killing the bacteria that leads to periodontitis. It is said that the cannabinoid eases inflammation and increases cytokine production in the body, which can combat gum disease and lead to improved gum health. 

CBD for Tooth Pain

If you’ve recently had a tooth extracted or if you’re down with a severe tooth infection, then you’re probably experiencing extreme pain. CBD has the potential to ease the pain of both an extracted tooth and an infected tooth. Apply CBD directly on the area of the pain using a cotton swab to get relief. 

Many studies now indicate that CBD is indeed an effective option to ease pain. And this is how it works: the cannabinoid interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and binds with the cannabinoid receptors that control pain perception.

A lot of people will agree that a severe tooth pain can spread out to the jaw or run down the neck. Some people even report pain in the face, ears and shoulders due to an infected tooth. 

CBD Eases Anxiety

When you are in pain, you naturally become anxious, that’s how the body reacts. We know that anxiety and stress can weaken the immune system, which is the last thing anybody wants. 

In fact, for a lot of people, just the thought of going to the dentist is enough to cause fear and stress. Studies show that CBD has the potential to reduce that stress, and so, it’s a good option to try out.  

CBD for Tooth Pain: How Do You Use It?

The procedure is not at all complicated. It’s just like any other kind of DIY treatment. You can apply CBD oil directly on the gum and tooth to ease the pain. Usually, people use cotton swab to apply the CBD oil in the discomfort zone. 

There are other means as well. You can ingest CBD oil, tinctures, capsules or gummies. You can simply order CBD gummies online and suck on the gummy near the area of discomfort. 

CBD for Tooth Pain: How Do You Use It?

How Much CBD Should You Take for Toothache?

Although many people confidently use CBD to rein in tooth pain, there’s no clarity as of now on the exact dosage of the cannabinoid required for different types of dental problems. In fact, experts suggest that since we don’t have a universal dosage chart in place yet, the best practice is to try it out to figure out how much CBD works  for you. Of course, do that only after consulting a doctor or medical expert. 

How to Pick the Right CBD for Toothache

There are three options for you to choose from when you’re trying to find the type of CBD that’s best for your toothache:

  • Full-spectrum CBD gummies, which contain all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD, which has all the cannabinoids except THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • Isolate CBD, which is pure CBD and contains no other cannabinoids.  

Should You Brush Your Teeth After Using CBD?

It’s advisable that you should wait for at least an hour after using a CBD product before brushing your teeth. In fact, there are brands that sell toothpaste with CBD in it and CBD mouthwash.  

Tooth Nerve Pain: What Works Best?

Mainstream doctors and medical experts will tell you that Ibuprofen is a favored pain reliever for tooth nerve pain, even though recent studies suggest that the medicine can have serious side effects in some cases. 

Actually, it’s not a bad idea to combine Ibuprofen with CBD for maximum impact. But go ahead with it only after consulting your doctor. 

CBD for Tooth Pain: The Road Ahead

Most people don’t realize that taking good care of their teeth is vitally important. It’s only when a toothache hits them that they understand how important it is to maintain the teeth. Thankfully, as people are discovering new ways to treat various ailments, CBD for tooth pain is quickly emerging as a popular solution. Today, if you ask the question: Does CBD work for tooth pain? An increasing number of people will say ‘yes’ on the basis of first-hand experience.