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Alchemy Naturals Vermont Intimacy
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Intimacy THC Gummies

In-Store Only

THC Gummies for Sex and Intimacy

These THC gummies for sex are an herbal love potion that bring the sensual vibes from start to finish. Our Intimacy THC gummies for sex are an exotic formulation of THC oil and Maca Root designed to help foster heightened sensation and increased libido function.

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10mg THC: has shown promise in its role to induce relaxation & heighten stimulation

20mg Maca Root: was found to support libido function in a study on women

Cranberry Orange: an invigorating and refreshing flavor

Glucose Syrup: A sweetener, thickener & moisture retaining agent

Allulose: Rare sugar that occurs in fruits like figs & raisins. It’s about 70% as sweet as sugar and has a low sugar content

Organic Cane Sugar: A full-bodied taste & much less processed than white sugar, allowing it to retain the nutrients of sugarcane

Pectin: A naturally occurring, water soluble fiber & gelling agent found in many fruits & plants

Sorbitol: Preserves moisture, sweetness & provides texture

Citric Acid: Gives a tart, sour taste & is found naturally in citrus fruits

Natural Coloring: Gives the gummy a rich color

Natural Flavoring: Natural fruit based flavoring

TruSweet: A blend of naturally occurring sugars that balances all flavor profiles

TruClear: An all-natural bitter blocker, creating a smooth flavor profile

MCT Oil: Delivers a more clear gummy & less dense, ‘jiggly’ gummy than coconut oil

Shipping: THC can't be shipped in the mail, you can find it at a local retailer for in-store pick-up here.

Returns: are up to each stores discretion and typically are not allowed but if you reach out to us we'd be happy to explore your options.

Everyone will process THC differently, if you are new to THC edibles, start with a small dose 2.5-5mg and wait at least 2 hours before taking more to understand the effects.

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Alchemy Naturals

From Mother Nature's Pharmacy

Our CBD gummies sold nationwide* and THC gummies, available in Colorado, are designed to support you where you need them most. Our gummies help faster more intimate connection naturally through a thoughtful blend of plants and cannabinoids.

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Stimulating Science

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The Roots of Love

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Cranberry Orange

cbd gummies for sex benefits

Side Effects Include:


Users have reported sudden urges to cuddle loved ones and in some cases unprovoked butt-grabbing. Proceed at your own risk.

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