Diving deep into CBD Receptors and what they do for you!

Diving deep into CBD Receptors and what they do for you!

We know about CBD1 and CBD2 that are a part of our Endocannabinoid System (or ECS), but recently scientists have discovered that other “novel” CBD receptors and proteins also interact with CBD. 

Here’s a rundown of different CBD Receptors do: 

CBD receptors

TRPV1  and TRVP2

These receptors are one of several dozen TRP (“trip”) receptor subfamilies that live in the neighborhood of your body and interact with a wide variety of medicinal herbs. 

CBD interacts with ion channels to produce a therapeutic effect. CBD binds to our TRP receptors (which also function as ion channels) to mediate pain perception, inflammation, and body temperature. Some studies have shown that targeting these cells are effective at treating diseases that target this group of proteins, like Cancer and respiratory disorders. 

GPR 18 and GPR55 

These “orphan proteins” (scientists just aren’t sure if it belongs to a larger family--harsh!) could be involved in how we experience pain - and CBD actually deactivates, or blocks these G protein-coupled receptors. GPR18 is seen in the testis, spleen, and lymph nodes and is believed to play a role in the control of the immune system, as well as inflammation.

GPR55 is widely seen in the cerebellum and is involved in regulating blood pressure and bone density, as well as other physiological processes. A recent study gives us another reason to celebrate the blocking power of CBD on this receptor. The study shows that when activated, GPR55 also promotes cancer cell growth. Recently the scientific community has been learning more about GPR55, where a study showed that targeting this receptor could be a therapy for Parkinson’s disease. 

GPR 119

This novel CBD receptor is primarily found in the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. Activation of this receptor has been shown in studies to regulate insulin and could be a treatment for obesity and diabetes. Scientists are still chewing on this one, but keep your eyes peeled for more studies to emerge soon. 


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While there’s much to learn, new information on how CBD interacts with our bodies is being discovered every day. If you suffer from a chronic illness, have hope! And if you are seeking relief for everyday pain management, ask your doctor if incorporating CBD treatments into your plan for health and wellness is right for you.

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