Summer Fun with CBD: Pack Alchemy Naturals With You on Your Next Adventure

Summer Fun with CBD: Pack Alchemy Naturals With You on Your Next Adventure

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With summer in full force, how do you enjoy the warm weather with CBD (and do it all from a social distance?) We’ve got a couple of ideas! 

How to take CBD along: 

Wrap glass tincture bottles well to avoid breakage before packing in your backpack or cooler. Or you could really plan ahead and pre-measure your desired amount into a water bottle and mix with another beverage for your customized delivery. (show a water bottle + tincture bottle) 

Ideally, your products are stored in a cool, dark, dry place, so consider leaving the bottles at home and just taking what you need with you. Don’t leave your CBD in the car - it will get too hot and the quality of the hemp oil will degrade. Gummies will likely stick together, so take what you want with you and save the rest for later. 

You could also store your CBD in a cooler or an insulated bag with your food and drinks, just make sure no children or pets accidentally have access to them! 

If you are going away to a vacation home for a week or so, consider grabbing a bottle of our 10-pack gummies! They are small and perfect to pack along on an adventure. 

Keep in mind, if you are flying somewhere, that there are traveling regulations around CBD and THC, and we recommend reviewing those before you pack. 

Here are some summer fun ideas from Alchemy Naturals CBD!

*Please make sure to adhere to the government-issued COVID guidelines while you are out enjoying your summer this year!* 

  1. Have a small backyard gathering with some CBD-infused cocktails 
  2. Enjoy some family or partner or roommate time outside and grab a water bottle for hydration - or to spike with some CBD tincture.  

    CBD tincture
  3. Hit the mountain biking trail and then recover with CBD when you get home or on the ride back down the mountain.

    CBD pain relief

  4. Take CBD along when you go camping - just store in your cooler, double wrapped in plastic bags ;)

    store CBD in cooler

  5. If you are headed for the beach, grab a gummy and store in a small container to enjoy when you get there, but leave the bottle at home. 

    store cbd at home in summer