Does CBD Make You Last Longer in Bed? Let’s Find Out

Does CBD Make You Last Longer in Bed? Let’s Find Out

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It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra pleasure in the bedroom, and to the surprise of many, CBD (cannabidiol) may offer some benefits to help you last longer in bed. In this exhaustive article on the subject, experts at Alchemy Naturals talk about what CBD can do (and can't do) to help improve your sex life, and seek to answer the all-important question: "Does CBD make you last longer?"

What is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp. Unlike other cannabinoids, such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD won't get you high, and research suggests it may have a number of health benefits

How Does CBD Work on Your Body?

CBD works by interacting with your body's ECS or endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating certain actions in your body, such as appetite, emotional balance, blood pressure, and several other key systems. Dysregulation in the endocannabinoid system can cause symptoms such as inflammatory pain, mental health issues, and anxiety, which CBD can help alleviate. 

CBD and Sex: What Research Tells Us

So, does CBD make you last longer? To be clear, we're still learning about precisely how CBD impacts sex drive in humans. For example, a 2019 research paper concluded that human testes have endocannabinoid receptors, like the brain, though scientists still aren't sure about the exact effects CBD has on those receptors or if it correlates to improved sex drive. 

CBD and Sex: What Research Tells Us

However, for those who struggle with low sex drive due to problems with anxiety, there is plenty of research that is promising. A 2019 study showed that 79% of participants experienced decreased anxiety with the use of CBD, and the drop in anxiety levels remained throughout the duration of the study. 

So, it's possible to indirectly increase libido with CBD if anxiety is a roadblock. However, in terms of CBD being able to directly increase sex drive, research is still ongoing. 

How CBD Can Help Your Sex Life

We may be waiting on more research to see if CBD is a genuine sex aid (we don't yet have a clear answer to the questions "does CBD make you last longer?"), but there is research that suggest CBD can help reduce roadblocks specific to sexual problems, such as:


Dyspareunia describes a disorder when women feel sharp pain in their genital region before, during, or after sex. A randomized trial showed that women reported significant reduction in pain from dyspareunia when taking CBD. 

Sexual Anxiety

Sexual anxiety can be a huge hang-up to enjoying an intimate experience with your partner, and CBD can be a great solution for this! As we've shared before, research shows that CBD can reduce anxiety (and keep it down). Taking CBD an hour or so before you plan on an intimate moment might help soothe a racing mind so that you can enjoy the moment. 

If you've been asking yourself "does CBD make you last longer?" because anxiety creeps in during intimate moments, killing your libido, then you may want to take a look at using CBD to manage anxiety

Inability to Reach Orgasm

While research is still ongoing, some people have shared anecdotal evidence that CBD possibly helps them reach orgasm more easily. The idea is that since CBD acts as a vasodilator, it helps more blood to rush to your sexual organs, increasing sensitivity, and therefore, indirectly allowing an orgasm to be more easily achieved. 

Erectile Dysfunction

The same reason CBD may help you reach an orgasm is the same reason it may help with erectile dysfunction. As a vasodilator, CBD can possibly help get and maintain an erection. Keep in mind, research is still early about how CBD can directly help with sexual health, so effects may vary from person to person.

So, if you've been asking "does CBD make you last longer?" because you have a hard time maintaining an erection, then CBD may be able to help, although we’re yet to know it conclusively.

Low Sex Drive

There's no research about how effective CBD can be in increasing sex drive, though there are some anecdotal reports of people claiming that CBD increased overall drive. There are also anecdotal reports of CBD decreasing drive, so keep the contradictory reports in mind when you think about using CBD to improve your sex life. 

Poor Lubrication

Lubes are a common product for women to increase pleasure during love making, and CBD lubes are often a popular choice. Some women report that CBD lubes not only provide the benefits of traditional lubrications, but also help stimulate the production of the body's natural lubrication.

Again, these reports are anecdotal, though it may be worth exploring for those who are looking for a more effective sexual lubricant. 

Using CBD Products in Your Sex Life

There are several ways you can incorporate CBD products into your sex life!

Use CBD Gummies to Boost Libido

If you're trying to increase libido, it'll be helpful to use a CBD product specifically designed to do so. For example, Alchemy Naturals’ CBD gummies for sex include CBD and maca root (which research suggests can improve libido) to provide a higher sex drive. 

Use CBD Gummies to Boost Libido

Using a targeted formula may provide more potent results instead of only using CBD, which can affect different people in different ways. However, if you want to know the answer to "does CBD make you last longer?" for yourself, then starting with a targeted product might be the best way to start. 

Use CBD Gummies to Decrease Anxiety

If anxiety is disrupting your sex life, then CBD can definitely help. Taking a CBD gummy around an hour before you plan to be intimate can help soothe stress or anxiety you may have about sex, and can help you get into a comfortable mindset. You could use general CBD gummies, or you could use a trusted product with a targeted formula, such as Alchemy Naturals’ CBD gummies for anxiety and stress.

Use CBD Gummies to Increase Energy

Oftentimes, our sex lives are hampered by external factors (such as stress or anxiety). Another outside element that may be affecting your ability to enjoy sex is not getting consistent, quality sleep. CBD gummies may help improve your sleep, especially if you use a formula targeted to help improve sleep (such as Alchemy Natural's  CBD gummies for sleep).

CBD's effect on sleep is still being researched, though early research shows promise that CBD can help! This may be especially important if you've asked, "does CBD make you last longer?" since your stamina issues may be connected to the quality of sleep you have.

Use CBD Gummies to Decrease Pain

If you struggle with pain that makes love making uncomfortable, or if you struggle to manage chronic pain that saps your interest in sex, CBD can help! Research has shown that CBD can help manage pain, especially pain related to inflammation. Taking a gummy before an intimate experience can help alleviate pain to make sex better!

And, as with the other uses of CBD in the bedroom, a dedicated formula designed to target pain (such as Alchemy Naturals’ CBD gummies for pain) may provide superior results. 

Using CBD in the Bedroom - What You Should Know

Here are some essential points to consider when you start to use CBD to help you last longer in the bedroom:

  • Take gummies around an hour before: CBD doesn't go to work instantly. It could take up to 60 minutes for the full effects to be felt.
  • Start with low doses: It may take some time to find your ideal CBD dose. We encourage users to start with low doses and work their way up as they understand how CBD will impact their bodies. 
  • Look for lab-testing: You should only buy gummies from brands that offer 3rd-party lab results that prove the amount of CBD that is in their product (and demonstrate the lack of contamination from heavy metals). 

FAQs About Using CBD in the Bedroom:

1. Does CBD Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

While research on how CBD impacts erectile dysfunction is still in early stages, anecdotal evidence suggests that it can help. Since CBD can act as a vasodilator, it may be able to help men get and maintain an erection. 

2. Can CBD Increase My Sex Drive?

Research is still ongoing regarding how CBD can directly impact your sex drive, but there are some benefits CBD offers that may remove roadblocks to an enjoyable sexual experience. For example, CBD may help soothe anxiety that prevents intimate moments, and it can help reduce pain that could make sex uncomfortable, such as dyspareunia.

3. How Does it Help with Hormonal Imbalances?

CBD may help with a number of different hormonal challenges. It can reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), and it can help regulate hormones during menstruation, helping soothe associated pains and cramps. Also, CBD may help intimate moments feel more natural and comfortable by raising anandamide levels.

4. Does CBD Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Does CBD make you last longer? The cannabinoid may help you last longer in bed, but research is still very early in this area. CBD impacts different people in different ways, so the best way to see if CBD helps your sexual performance is to try a high-quality product at a dose that is comfortable for you. 

5. Why is CBD Good for Sex?

CBD can help resolve a lot of roadblocks that can prevent a successful intimate moment, including certain kinds of pain and soothing sexual anxiety. CBD is a vasodilator as we’ve pointed out before, so it may help increase blood flow, which can increase sensitivity and make orgasming easier. 

Does CBD make you last longer in bed? While we're still learning a lot about how exactly CBD can help with sex, early research is very promising that it can be an effective tool to helping improve someone's sex life. 

6. Is There Any Risk of Using CBD in the Bedroom?

CBD carries very low risk, most of which are associated with mild side-effects. It can interact with certain prescription medications, so you'll need to talk to your doctor if you have queries about how CBD could affect your health routine. For the vast majority of users, however, CBD carries little, if any, health risk. 

This means if you're searching for an answer to "does CBD make you last longer?" then there is very little risk involved in trying a CBD product and seeing for yourself.

What We Know So Far

To summarize, we've learned that CBD might be able to help a lot with your sex life, but indirectly. While we don't have a definitive answer to the question "does CBD make you last longer?" we have learned that: 

  • CBD can remove unrelated barriers that may prevent intimate moments, such as anxiety.
  • CBD may help resolve pain issues that could prevent sex.
  • CBD is a vasodilator, which may help sex to be more pleasurable or perhaps help with erectile dysfunction. 
What We Know So Far

If you want to try CBD to boost your sexual health, it's important to choose a high-quality, trustworthy brand. A great place to start is right here at Alchemy Naturals! Take a look at what CBD products we have to offer, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.