The Best CBD Store Online

The Best CBD Store Online

CBD edibles may be a great natural alternative to supporting common reasons people need relief but finding CBD products that actually work and offer real, consistent effects can be difficult. We're here to help.

CBD edibles may be a great natural alternative to supporting common reasons people need relief including - pain, stress, anxiety and sleep - but finding CBD products that actually work and offer real, consistent effects can be difficult. The reason for this is that while CBD was largely made legal by the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, there is little to no regulatory oversight on CBD products and many contain little to none of the actual CBD that is claimed on the label. There was a recent study done on 10 different CBD products, and 9 out of 10 products tested had large variances in what was reported on the label and what was actually in the product. Some products tested had no CBD at all in them and many had well over the legal limit in them and even some illegal THC levels. CBD can be a great natural option but this causes frustration and confusion for consumers who are looking for legitimate CBD products that deliver repeatable results. When you buy from our CBD store online you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to get effective CBD products that are accurately labeled and third party lab tested for peace of mind.

Lab Tested CBD Gummies

With CBD emerging as a new natural alternative medicine, it’s important that customers have trust and confidence in the brands and products they’re purchasing to help support legitimization of CBD as a means of relief. Alchemy Naturals started in 2014 in the legal cannabis industry, formulating all-natural and potent cannabis edibles designed for medical relief. In 2016, we began formulating products for the CBD industry with the same promise of creating, all-natural, potent relief for the most common reasons people turn to CBD, all backed by 3rd party lab testing, with those reports available on our website

Our CBD brand has been acknowledged for the quality of our CBD products on Herb, Marijuana Times, SF Weekly and even on the Netflix series, Rotten. We put the needs of our customers first and are dedicated to creating quality CBD products. We hand-craft all of our CBD products in-house and formulate them with other all-natural adaptogens to support the desired effect, we do not white-label our CBD products unlike a number of other CBD manufacturers in the industry. 

Our CBD products are available in 5 effects, with full-spectrum CBD oil:

  • Sleep Gummies w/ CBD
  • Pain Relief CBD Gummies
  • Stress Relief CBD Gummies
  • Daily CBD Gummies
  • THC Free CBD Gummies

Full Spectrum vs THC Free CBD edibles

While both our full spectrum and THC free gummies offer the benefits of CBD and  other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, our THC free gummies are for anyone who may want to avoid trace amounts of THC, for personal reasons or other reasons that prohibit their consumption of the THC cannabinoid. 

THC is included in many CBD products and is called a full-spectrum CBD product because of a theory called the ‘entourage effect’ which is the belief that the effectiveness of CBD is enhanced when all other cannabinoids naturally found in the hemp plant are kept intact. Because more of the cannabis plant is kept intact in full-spectrum edibles there may be an earth-ier/more cannabis forward taste in products formulated in this way. Legally, products can be formulated with .3% THC in them.

CBD Gummy Ingredients and Effects

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Both our full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD gummy products are made from the highest quality, locally sourced Oregon hemp. We formulate our CBD gummies to target the most common reasons people turn to CBD and offer: sleep gummies, stress relief gummies, pain relief gummies, daily CBD gummies and THC Free CBD gummies. We formulate our effect based gummies with other natural adaptogens, like chamomile and ashwagandha, that are designed to improve the efficacy of the desired effect.

We believe in natural plant based medicine and formulate all of our products to be naturally fruit flavored, vegan and free of any harmful pesticides or residual solvents. All of our products are third party lab tested to verify the results. Our CBD products are sold in 25mg and 50mg per CBD dosages and are available in a 30 day supply as CBD is best when used consistently. However, we do offer a 250mg, 10 day supply for those looking to determine if CBD is right for them. 

Stress Relief CBD Gummies

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With everything going on in the world right now, who really isn’t stressed? CBD is a known ingredient to calm inflammation that stress puts on the body. While all of our gummies may offer some general stress relief, our Stress formulated product is formulated with ashwagandha. This is an adaptogen that has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine for anxiety relief. While ashwagandha exists in products in its pure form, we are one of the only CBD companies to incorporate it into our gummies. Providing extra relief! 

Sleep Gummies w/ Full Spectrum CBD

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Do you have trouble calming your mind at night? We have created Sleep CBD gummies with full-spectrum CBD oil designed to naturally lull you to sleep. With nearly 5 star reviews our clients have reported that it “put them to sleep like a baby”. These are made with full spectrum hemp extract and an added chamomile. Fun fact, chamomile has been a common natural sleep aid used by many people throughout history, in fact, many of our grandparents used to drink it at night to help them get a good nights rest!

THC Free CBD Hemp Gummies

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Whether you’re a new consumer hesitant of THC or just looking to avoid it all together, while still hoping for the benefits of CBD full spectrum products we have an option for you! These gummies are the same as our daily, with the same amount of CBD, they just contain 0% of THC! Sometimes the relaxing effects of CBD can cause consumers to feel tired. This often comes from the trace amounts of THC and testimonials on our site are pleased that these do not cause any sort of drowsiness. 

Why Alchemy Naturals is the Best CBD Store Online 

The hemp industry is having its major boom right now and CBD gummies are sold by thousands of retailers across the web. So how do we know ours is the best online CBD store? We have been in this industry since the beginning. Many CBD producers started selling more recently after the 2018 farm bill. Our history of working with medical patients since 2014 gives us insight many CBD retailers honestly just don’t have. We prioritize community and are always looking to work with partners in Oregon. We also prioritize safety and therefore all of our batches are tested twice by independent, accredited labs. Along with our 5 star reviews that can be found on our website, we have regularly been rated a top CBD gummy and won a number of competitions for the quality of both our CBD and THC products!