CBD vs CBN for Sleep

CBD vs CBN for Sleep: Which One Should You Choose?

It’s hard to believe that not that long ago, the term CBD was a complete mystery to most of us. Now, CBD products are as much a part of the mainstream as a latte or smartphone. From edibles to oils, creams to chocolates, CBD has become a go-to for helping so many of us relieve a wide range of symptoms, one of which being to get better and more restful sleep. While CBD always seems to be on the tip of our tongue these days (literally), CBN is fast becoming a remedy that people reach for to get some extra Z’s. While it can be a challenge trying to decide between CBD vs. CBN for sleep, it’s really about what’s best for you. So, what are the major (and minor) differences between CBD vs. CBN for sleep? 

When thinking about CBD vs CBN for sleep, it’s important to know that while they share some initials and a handful of other similarities, they are not the same. While both are active chemicals derived from the cannabis plant (in short, they’re both cannabinoids), CBD has its (literal) roots in hemp, which is grown specifically for medicinal, not recreational purposes. Meanwhile, CBN is a weaker version of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which, simply put, is the psychotropic chemical in marijuana that gets you high. In other words, you won’t be flying in the clouds with CBD, but with CBN, you just might get a little bit of a buzz going. Regardless, don’t try to operate any heavy machinery with either one of them.   

According to The Sleep Foundation, while there is limited research regarding the advantages of CBN for the promotion of a good night’s sleep, some smaller, older studies point to CBN’s usefulness as a sleep aid, particularly when combined with THC. When it comes to CBD vs. CBN for sleep, the Foundation notes that CBN does show promise in helping people not only fall asleep faster, but helping them to actually stay asleep through the night. If you really want to zonk out, there’s evidence to suggest that combining CBD and CBN can produce sleep you probably never thought possible. (And yes, we’ve got a gummy for that.) 

CBD Gummies for Sleep with CBN

Besides deciding whether or not you want to get a little high, other factors to consider when choosing between CBD vs CBN for sleep are the effects each can have on your body. Remember, not everyone will have the same reaction. Both CBD and CBN interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) (don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a sec), and because their individual makeups are so different, they, naturally, impact the body in distinct ways. The ECS helps to maintain your bodily functions, making sure everything is working together in harmony, from your emotions, stress level, immunity and yes, sleep. CBD has helped people find relief from insomnia, anxiety, and addiction, while CBN can stimulate your appetite, alleviate symptoms from painful conditions like fibromyalgia, and yes, promote sleep.   

When choosing between CBD and CBN for sleep, while CBN is also available in gummy form, you’re also likely to find it in tea bags, capsules, and tinctures. So, whether a little tea before bed is your thing or if you’d like to get it over with and pop a gummy, you’ve got options (and remember, we’ve got a gummy for that). Remember that every body is different, so experiment a little to see what works best for you and most importantly, puts you in dreamland.