A Comparison of Cannabinoids: CBD vs. CBN vs. CBG

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As more people continue to discover the joys of cannabinoids (the short definition: a type of chemical that is found in marijuana) and all the wonderful things that they can do, naturally, there are questions about what they are. Specifically, there is a lot of curiosity about CBD vs. CBN vs. CBG. You’ve probably heard of CBD, because, well, it’s everywhere, and maybe you know a little about CBN, while CBG might be a total mystery to you. No worries. We’re here to break down all the things you need to know about CBD vs. CBN vs. CBG.

One of the first things to understand about CBD vs. CBN vs. CBG is that CBD and CBN are both cannabinols, while CBG is a cannabigerol. Cannabinol is a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant and can be used for a variety of reasons, including making you feel a little mellow, a little happy, but nothing over the top. Since CBD actually hails from hemp, it is mostly medicinal as opposed to recreational. CBN is a diluted version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical in marijuana that’s responsible for getting you high. Now, cannabigerol serves as the parent that all cannabis compounds originate from, CBD and CBN included. Quite literally, CBG is the “mother” of all cannabinoids (and thus, we should give it all the respect.) 

CBD and CBN Sleep Gummies

As you continue to explore CBD vs. CBN, vs. CBG, thinking about what you need or want out of these cannabinoids should inform your decisions. Pain relief? Overall relaxation? Something else? Most of us turn to CBD for, well, anything. Among its most common uses are in the treatment of ailments like insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Other CBD benefits include using it to regulate mood and memory. Some people even give it to their jittery dogs. Really. The great news is, CBD is pretty much anywhere and whatever form you want it in, chances are, you can get it. Oils, gummies, capsules, ice cream – shampoo, even! Like CBD, CBN has natural sedative properties, though it can also help with muscle and joint pain and even the nerve damage associated with the eye disease, glaucoma. Though it isn’t as widely available as CBD, CBN can also be found in sleep gummies, liquids, and teas.  Now let’s explore what CBG may help us benefit from.

CBD and CBG Pain Relief Gummies
As the mother of all cannabinoids, preliminary research on CBG has found it to be effective for overall pain relief, as well as treating issues like inflammatory bowel disease and even depression. Recent studies have also indicated that CBG could potentially play a role in developing anti-tumor properties. #Winning. One really exciting development in the examination of CBD vs. CBN, vs. CBG? When CBG is combined with CBD and CBN, it’s almost like getting some sort of awesome superpower. Known as “the entourage effect,” this is the result of synergy between these cannabinoids. When they work together, they bring out the best in each other, resulting in a potent and restorative aid that can help soothe a wide range of ailments (see, mothers CAN know what’s best). (Seriously, check out our pain relief gummy that blends both CBD and CBG and kick pain in the butt like nobody’s business.)