Microdosing CBD: Finding Your Daily Dose

Finding your perfect dose is a process that is all your own - so follow your instincts and what works for you! Dosing varies depending on weight, height, body type, and how your body processes CBD. 

For those that are using Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, which contains .3% or less THC, then microdosing might interest you, especially if you are sensitive to any level of THC. 

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is a relatively new term and is previously attributed to mind-altering drugs like LSD in the 1970s. There has been a resurgence in microdosing lately and now people are trying it out with CBD products. 

It really means what it sounds like - taking a smaller amount of a substance to feel a sense of overall well being rather than a “high.” It’s a low-dose technique that intends to spread the effects out over the course of a day rather than taking one large dose at once. Think of it as a gradual downgrade rather than jumping off a cliff. 

Microdosing might work for you if: 

You are not a long time CBD or THC user, as you may feel the effects more than if you have built up a tolerance to either substance. 

You want a lesser-effect at one time. 

You want to “test the waters” of CBD and are not sure what dose to start at. This is helpful because you can do your own science experiment over a weekend or day off to find the dose that works for you. 

With CBD, you might be interested in microdosing if you are using CBD in conjunction with other medications. Always ask your doctor if CBD or THC will interact with any medications. 

microdosing cbd full-spectrum

How to microdose CBD: 

For new or occasional CBD users interested in microdosing, start off with a level of CBD that is lower than you would normally consider taking and then work your way up from there. A typical microdose is anywhere from 5-10 milligrams, so start where you are comfortable on that spectrum. Then decide in what increments you want to experiment to level up or level down your dose. Perhaps 1-5 milligrams? It’s up to you and your body, tolerance, and what other medications you are on. Wait 30-90 minutes to take another dose. 

Jot down your thoughts and how you feel (about CBD or life in general) in a journal or note on your phone. At the end of your experiment look over your notes to see what your optimal dose is and how often dosing should happen to keep you on track. Be sure to include those extra details like if you’ve had anything to eat recently if you are also consuming alcohol if you’re in-laws are in town, you know, anything pertinent. 

If you would classify your CBD status as “experienced”, try breaking up your normal dose into say, 5 or 6 smaller doses throughout the day and see if you feel a difference. 

Gummy or Tincture for microdosing? 

While you can microdose with either a gummy or a tincture, tinctures are a more popular form to microdose with just because you can measure it down to the drop. Gummies, or any form of CBD that you ingest, will tend to have a longer, more prolonged effect than a tincture, so keep that in mind also. 

Choose a product for microdosing that would work for you on a regular basis, is easy for you to transport, and that you can use as needed either at home or out and about. 

Our 20mg Single-Dose Gummy, or Squib 100, is the perfect product from Alchemy Naturals to divide up into smaller doses. A serrated or sharp kitchen knife works well for cutting the Gummy up as small as you need it. 

To try it with a tincture, start out with a few (1-2) drops of the 500 mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and then increase as desired. If you are an experienced CBD user, you may want to jump into microdosing with our 1000 mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. 

While you could try microdosing with a Broad-Spectrum product, Full-Spectrum CBD products work best because the amount of THC is less than 0.3% (ensuring it is non-psychoactive) yet it will still introduce the entourage effect

Ready to jump in? Pick up some CBD to test out your microdosing experience. Find Alchemy Naturals in your area!  Check here for our products and availability.