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Microdosing CBD: Finding Your Daily Dose

Finding your perfect dose is a process that is all your own - so follow your instincts and what works for you! Dosing varies depending on weight, height, body type, and how your body processes CBD....
Cannabinoids are in your pepper shaker

Cannabinoids are in your pepper shaker…

Diving into the world of cannabinoids, there’s more than meets the eye.  Where do we get cannabinoids from - and how do they affect our ECS?  As you may know, your body has a whole system for proce...

Not sure what to gift this holiday season? Read our CBD Gift Guide!

The holidays are here and no doubt you are making your list and checking it twice. We’ve got some CBD-lish ideas for gifting to all your friends and loved ones. Read on for the happiest of gift gui...

CBD That’s Easy to Eat, Easy to Share

Now, it’s easier than ever to enjoy CBD wherever you might be – and share a single dose with a friend (that is IF you want to!) with the Full-Spectrum mixed fruit Squibs 30-pack canister.
traveling with cbd

What’s the Scoop on Traveling with CBD?

With close to 1 in 3 people traveling during the holiday season, and most families taking a trip either by car or by plane, it’s important to know your rights – and the regulations – when traveling...
best smelling terpenes

Terpenes: The best smelling secret ingredient in your CBD

As we look deeper at the Cannabis plant, we know that there are all these phytocannabinoids within the plant that affect us, like CBD and THC as well as others. The endocannabinoid system is what i...
Endocannabinoid system

Where Is My Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? Find Out Here!

The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, is a body system that you may not have heard much about until now. It certainly wasn’t a part of our biology classes in school while learning rhymes about cells ...
oregon hemp

Going Green: Why Oregon Hemp Farms Produce Quality CBD

You might have noticed something popping up around you lately – especially if you live near farming lands in Oregon, or have visited grandma’s house in the country lately. Hint: It’s green, bushy, ...
How to Read Your CBD Lab Test Results Like a Pro

How to Read Your CBD Lab Test Results Like a Pro

You read the ingredients in your favorite cookies, right? It’s like that, except going a step beyond just reading the packaging on a product and following up to make sure the claims that are being ...